Below, you’ll find a living document sharing my ethical principles and related policies that shape my offerings of bodywork and tarot readings, which I hope we can use in our intake process as well as in an ongoing way if either of us feel that we have breached expectations.

In my understanding, having a set of ethical commitments is not a “write down an ideal articulation” one-time action but rather a dynamic, lifelong, moment-to-moment practice – and, as in any practice, we are likely to stumble at times and need to re-center on our commitments. I have been shaped by my friend & teacher, Beth Godbee, in her recognition that we are always both helping and also doing harm, bringing a both/and framework to offering support and cultivating community.

General Principles & Policies

As a practitioner, I strive to adhere to these principles & policies:

  • I intend to do no harm to you and to center your well-being in every session. I intend to be accountable to your wishes and needs if I do cause harm to you.
  • I am committed to learning & practicing more about being trauma-informed, and I acknowledge that I am at the beginning of my journey into this realm, so I aim to honestly represent my education and level of experience.
  • I keep all contents of our session fully confidential. I also respect confidentiality by not sharing with anyone that you are my client without your express permission. (You are welcome to share with anyone that you are my client, if you wish.)
  • I respect your agency and affirm that you can pause, slow down, or end a session at any time. I also respect that you can choose to end our business relationship at any time.
  • I recognize the impacts of systemic oppression, while keeping in mind that I will never fully understand experiences that I do not share. I will strive to never invalidate your identities or experiences, and to hold our therapeutic container with respect, dignity, and compassion.

Policies for Tarot Readings

I abide by the following principles and policies for tarot services:

  • I do not offer psychic predictions, nor “fortune telling,” nor do I claim to do so. I believe that you have the power and responsibility to make your own choices, and that the future is not set in stone. I affirm your own agency in making any choices you wish to make going forward. Also, because we live in a society that doesn’t value intuitive ways of knowing, here’s the required disclaimer for my tarot work as a resident of PA: Tarot readings are offered for entertainment purposes only.
  • I do not offer legal, medical, financial, or psychological advice, nor do I claim any expertise in these areas. Please consult trained professionals for these types of guidance.
  • I center your own choices in a reading, so if you ask a question about a third party, I will instead help you rework that into a question focused on your own feelings and choices around that relationship.
  • As the reader, I strive to bring my full presence, compassionate listening, and attentiveness to your experience to hold the container in a safe way. You may end the reading or request a different approach at any point as your feelings arise.

Here are my requests for you as a client:

  • As a courtesy, I ask that you provide me with 24 hours notice if you need to cancel a session. If you need to late cancel (less than 24 hours notice), I will offer you either a reschedule or a refund. Thanks for understanding!
  • Please come into the reading knowing that you are the expert on your own life. I will offer what I am moved to share, but your interpretations, feelings, and reflections are the most important part of our work together.