Learning The Four Elements in Tarot

The four elements can provide a powerful lens for learning tarot and for understanding our lives. I learned to read tarot cards by starting with the four elements and numerology, which served as a scaffolding upon which my intuitive understanding could develop. Since I have a strong perfectionist streak, piecing together this grounding in traditionalContinue reading “Learning The Four Elements in Tarot”

How to Ask a Question for Tarot Readings

Sometimes, when I first prompt my client for a question, they ask me right back: “what makes a ‘good’ tarot reading question?” So, I share this post in the hopes that it can help put you at ease, ready to head into your reading with a sense that you are well-prepared to invite your intuitionContinue reading “How to Ask a Question for Tarot Readings”

Connect and Reflect with Virtual Tarot Parties!

Looking for a fun way to shake up your next friend hangout via Zoom? Bring in your own personal tarot card reader to connect even more deeply with your loved ones & your authentic self!  There’s nothing quite like tarot to cut through the mundane and connect each of us to our deepest source ofContinue reading “Connect and Reflect with Virtual Tarot Parties!”