How to Ask a Question for Tarot Readings

Sometimes, when I first prompt my client for a question, they ask me right back: “what makes a ‘good’ tarot reading question?” So, I share this post in the hopes that it can help put you at ease, ready to head into your reading with a sense that you are well-prepared to invite your intuition to respond. This post can be an especially helpful precursor to my pre-recorded video Intuitive Jump-start reading, in which I ask you to reflect on a question for your three-card reading.

My first reframe to offer is that there is no such thing as a good or bad tarot question. Instead of aiming for the “perfect” query, we are hoping to craft a question that can get you closer to the clarity that you are seeking. Take some time to consider: do you have a sense about what you are really hoping to uncover, clarify, and elaborate on during this reading? If you journal, that can be an especially powerful tool to reflect on your intentions – both conscious as well as hidden – for seeking professional guidance in connecting with your intuition via tarot. Deepening your sense of intention can be a powerful asset for the reading, shaping not just your question but also the lens through which you filter insights coming to you via your intuition and my reflections.

That said, here are a few aspects of questions that I think can pull you farther away from accessing constructive insight:

  • I don’t believe that the future is set in stone and I don’t offer “fortune telling,” so if you ask a question that’s more future-oriented, I hold those potential outcomes lightly. I feel strongly that our future-facing insights reflect only one possibility rather than set-in-stone fate and I’d encourage you to consider them through that lens, too. If you don’t like what you see, I invite you to ponder how you could shift your choices or get support to unfold a different future outcome – to the extent you have agency to make different choices in the given situation, recognizing all the complexities of our identities and material realities.
  • I don’t read with questions that involve other people’s feelings or actions, both for ethical reasons and because it is most often a distraction from reflecting on your personal feelings and possible actions. Instead, we could reframe that into a question that centers on you and your agency: for example, rather than “what does [person] feel about me?” we could explore “how can I show up as my fullest self in my relationship with [person]?”

Also, please don’t stress about refining your question too much: you will still receive a lot of insight during and after your reading whether it feels “just right” or not. For a long time, I didn’t even read with questions, though lately I’ve come to appreciate the additional focus and clarity that they can offer. It’s totally okay if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for yet…sometimes, it’s important to heed the call to get a reading, and the theme can become apparent in a reading based on a more general question, such as:

  • What guidance does my intuition have to offer me right now?
  • What does the universe [or your personal, specific cosmological source of insight] advise for me?
  • What could I keep in mind about [area of my life]?

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask the question that you really want to reflect about. Readings are kept strictly confidential, so whatever you ask and say will not leave our session. I keep charts in a locked file cabinet, I keep reading recordings on a two-factor protected Google Drive, and I use Zoom for live readings (if you prefer, we could use Signal video, though that does not allow for recordings). Your ability to feel comfortable sharing as you wish is sacred to me.

Did this post inspire you with your own juicy question to explore? Take a look at my tarot offerings – I would love to read for you!

This post was written in September 2020, though I expect to update it in an ongoing way as my thinking about questions changes. – Mel

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