Connect and Reflect with Virtual Tarot Parties!

Looking for a fun way to shake up your next friend hangout via Zoom? Bring in your own personal tarot card reader to connect even more deeply with your loved ones & your authentic self! 

Image Description: Mel smiling while holding two tarot cards from The Numinous Tarot by Cedar McCloud

There’s nothing quite like tarot to cut through the mundane and connect each of us to our deepest source of insight & reflection: our intuition. In a time when many of us are getting sick of the same old routines, shake it up even further with an out-of-the-ordinary, spiritual (or if you prefer, psychological reflection) experience. Better yet, you can share this transporting experience with your friends and loved ones, bringing you closer in a unique way.

Gather with up to 8 of your friends for a virtual tarot party to share in the fun of either a collective reading or personalized mini-readings. You’ll walk away from the experience with…

  • An entertaining and enchanting hour, shared with your friends and loved ones
  • A greater sense of clarity, whether about your piece of a collective concern or your particular question
  • A deeper connection to your intuition, which can infuse your life with even more meaning & magic

Tarot parties include a private Zoom room and start at $80/hour (one hour minimum – please contact me to discuss your vision & the best time duration to meet your goals).

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